When your older brother comes a-knockin', asking for a new logo for his freelance cinematography, the usual procedures of sibling rivalry get flipped upside down. It's a surreal feeling competing over who can be nicest to each other. Markus was looking for something contemporary and stylish that could appeal to his clients, who varied from extreme sportsmen doing urban parkour, to large corporate clients, to small independent charities. 
The solution to this was always going to have to be a custom type design. Something with enough character to represent Markus' affable personality, but formal enough to confirm his reputation as an extremely talented individual. 
Where it gets interesting: Markus needed a business card design to accompany his new branding, and of course the obvious place to start was to allow his photography to speak for him; each business card essentially being a small visual treat, a gift from Markus, rather than just a boring piece of communication. This presents an obvious challenge; how can just one of Markus' rich, layered photographs appeal to the wide range of clients? (SPOILER: It can't!) So the answer is easy; 8 different business cards, all designed to appeal to a specific client persona devised by Markus himself. 
This project was also the perfect opportunity to give my work-in-progress typeface, Art Grotesk, a taste of the bracing cold air of real life outside the computer screen. The information on the back of the card is all written in Art Grotesk, which brings a nice simplicity to balance out the visual feast on the front.