Leeds Snowriders held their AGM for selecting their new committee at the end of last year. In an attempt to become their new Merchandise Designer, I proposed an entirely new brand identity. With this I designed all the standard brand collateral, along with a few extra ideas. Though the designs were met with a great reaction, I eventually pulled out of the race, as the role would require a lot more indoor skiing than my weekly schedule had room for. 
Branded ski mask, beanie hat and long-sleeve T-Shirt. This logo is without doubt the simplest I've ever created; 
But the idea is that the symbol is so simple, and when printed large and in deep black, it will stand out in the snowy mountains, making the group as recognisable as possible, for both the purposes of making it easier to find the group when it gets split up, as well as of course, showing off.
Below is a sample poster that I made to show how I would apply the brand identity, and thus help advertise the hugely popular ski trips that Leeds Snowriders organise.