Ill Rendition approached me looking for a logo for their startup. Their product is an online streaming service, like a radio station, that runs 24/7 off youtube. The station plays music for people to relax and study to, with influences coming from hip hop and other chilled out genres. As you can see we had the idea to use a dynamic logo animation. I suggested something very subtle; to have the logo spinning slowly in the background. The original plan was to replicate the speed of an actual record player spinning at its native 33.33rpm. I decided that this was too fast, and lots of trial and error resulted in a speed that we felt matched the rhythm of the music. 
The guys really liked the idea of having more lines around the outside of the text - obviously a good logo must always be designed with flawless functionality in mind, and thus the decision was made to build a logo system that would allow for total scalability by the use of three different logos instead of one. As you can see the logo on the left uses thicker lines with more space between them and features just the initials, IR - still in the same style as the primary logo (central). The design on the right is a version for large-scale applications. With very small amounts of white space, this design is very tight; every element being locked down with the line thickness of the black stroke and the white space being consistent all the way through, even matching the tracking of the wordmark too. 
The wordmark is a customised version of the Disclaimer typeface. The Disclaimer N was not legible enough, and the style didn't really suit what Ill Rendition stand for. The only solution was to custom draw a new N. This was a challenge, as it was important to keep the stroke width consistent, but with the letters being so condensed, merely using the same weight of line throughout the N would not have worked. I also kerned out the two Ls so they would not get mushed together, and cut of the tops of the Is to make them sit neatly beneath the T. This increased legibility and added a unique style element. 
Finally, I sent Ill Rendition some merchandise design ideas as mockups, to give them some inspiration for future products. It's crazy how well the brand lends itself to new variations and visual twists, like the maze pattern and the wordmark stripe.