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1— Volts
2— Kino
4— [type design]
        4.1— Art Grotesk
        4.2— Electro
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Client— University project.
Collaborators— None.
Discipline— Strategy, Identity, Processing, Motion, Type, User Interface.

Brief: To design a brand and interface system for a new open-source modular synth platform —such as VCV Rack or mirack— that provides a meaningful visual experience, accessible to all users.

Audio visualiser 01

Audio visualiser 02
Audio visualiser 03

The problem:

A digital ethnography revealed that users want to use interfaces with more physical depth, but this is too graphically intensive for most computers to handle while simultaneously emulating complex modular synthesisers. Some users also prefer a more unifed aesthetic than the chaotic mixture of brands and interfaces that VCV Rack and mirack provide. Copyright issues have complicated matters in the past too.

The solution: 

Volts is an open-source modular synth emulation platform, that provides module developers with a design tool for the UI design of their modules, creating a single unified system with 
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004— Titles for Promotional Documentary Series
004— Module Builder


007— Merch Posters

These posters show the potential of the software to create replicas of exsiting synths. The posters are an almost-cryptic instruction manual for how to build the expensive but fascinating Moog Subharmonicon and the legendary 1981 TB-303, totally legal, for free. The instructions are given in the form of ‘cables’ linking outputs to inputs.