Client— Currently undisclosed, project by Koto.
Deanna German, Sam Howard, Harrison Dew, Lily Green, Tom Moloney, Alice Walker.
Discipline— Identity.

[Undisclosed Brand] is a growing wholesale platform that aims to simplify and streamline the complex task of buying stock for businesses.

During my internship at Koto, I was given the responsibility of one of three routes that were presented to the client in the first round of creative.

Wholesale as you know it, but better.

The strategy for this route was based on the idea of familiarity, and by extension, borrowing a visual language from the physical and digital artefacts of traditional wholesale practise.

Logo sketches

Exploring the form of the box, as the artefact at the centre of the wholesale universe, then looking at how the letter Q might utilise this language to create a monogram.

A symbol born from the world of wholesale.

We designed an opening box as a logo mark, and took its dimensions from the Excel grid. Excel plays a crucial role in the brand’s offering, allowing customers to order quickly and easily without needing to change how they’re used to operating their business.

We paired the box symbol with the sturdy EH Normal by Elias Hanzer to create a wordmark that speaks to reliability and utility, helping foster trust in a new technological solution.

Brand system

A tab-system was developed to help sort the extraordinary variety of products into easily understandable cascading categories and sub-categories. This became a key tenet of the visual language, helping denote important information. This was combined with frames and grids that bring clarity and order.  

Photography & Colour

The art direction was defined by the idea of keeping products within environments familiar to wholesale. These photographs suggest a warehouse-like space, but still puts the product first. 

Colours were picked from pastel coloured papers familiar to the wholseale warehouse, such as legal pads, Post-it notes and invoice sheets on carbon copy paper.